How To Implement Paperless Invoice Processing In 2024

paperless invoice

paperless invoice

AP automation, on the other hand, lets you make your workflows 100 percent electronic – which makes them much faster and more reliable. Moreover, paperless invoicing enables businesses to easily track and monitor the status of invoices. With digital systems, companies can generate reports and analytics to gain insights into payment trends, outstanding balances, and customer payment behaviors. This information can inform strategic decision-making and help businesses optimize their invoicing processes. Since invoices can be sent electronically, businesses can receive payments more quickly, leading to improved cash flow. Additionally, electronic invoices can be easily tracked and monitored, providing businesses with real-time visibility into the status of their invoices and outstanding payments.

A paperless invoice approval platform scans and uploads invoices to a central repository where they are automatically routed to the appropriate approver. Authorizers receive automated notifications, which means AP teams don’t have to chase them down or send follow-up reminders. Paperless invoice processing lets you remove manual touchpoints from your Accounts Payable workflow. Instead of typing each supplier invoice into your accounting program, IntelliChief’s invoice OCR software can capture and import the data automatically.

Use Paperless Invoice Processing and Prosper

This is no different from Email invoices, as most AP automation systems can easily read the email body and create invoices directly. Our recommendation is to use the most effective invoice process based on your supplier preferences and capabilities, which is what we call Supplier Channel Fit. It could be a factor of errors on the invoice, or you have a highly manual process to match the invoices with the purchase order. Many of your suppliers might be getting paid late because their invoices are stuck in the exception review process, and are not ready to be paid yet. The system then automatically compares invoice data with the purchases orders and receipts. Once you have created the invoices on your desktop or smartphone, you need to send them to the customer.

The ProcureDesk supplier portal is designed to make this process simple. The registration process is just one click, so it is easy to onboard the suppliers. It is least effective because a lot of work is involved in receiving, opening, scanning the invoices, and then the data entry. Any good AP automation tool would support both protocols so that you don’t have to spend additional resources to develop infrastructure for invoice data exchange.